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Support Strokes

Obviously with only one paddle blade and less stability, staying upright is key!

The main factor when paddling C1 is your body weight, because the centre of gravity is so much higher, the movement of your body has much more of an effect than K1, this means that learning where your bodyweight should be at any one time is one of the most helpful parts of learning C1.

The most used support stroke is the low brace and this is something that you will find happens naturally after a while. So as you start to tip over on your on (paddle) side, use the back of the paddle to slap the water and sweep forwards while bringing your body forwards and over the boat

Watching some film back I noticed that to support I generally sweep the paddle forwards while moving my weight forwards and recovering the edge, and I do it without having to think about it! This is the brace I use most for when I need a quick correction! :video:(1mb<)

As for offside support strokes, the best way is to do a draw stroke on your onside. As you tip over on your offside, reach out to your onside with the paddle, plant the paddle in the water and draw it into your boat while flicking your hips to your onside, this should help correct your lean!