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There is much debate about the sort of roll that you can and should do in a C1 boat.
My roll is an adapted K1 roll, the first part is a sweep backwards with the front face of the blade while bringing my body weight with the paddle, just like a K1 roll.
Once the paddle is out about 90 degrees to the boat, I rotate my control hand back (the one that is near the paddle blade) and do a forward sweep with the front of the blade while moving my body weight forwards.
:video: (very short!)

The main other rolls seem to be:

Starting as a regular kayak roll and ending in a low brace

Blue is the paddle : Yellow is the body : Red are directional arrows

As the paddlers goes over he starts like a normal kayak roll, sweeping the blade backwards over the surface while flicking his hips and starting to bring their body weight up.

At this stage the paddlers is nearly halfway up, the hips and body are continuing to move and the pressure on the paddle is now down into the water with the blade face flat.

This is the stage where the kayak roll becomes a canoe roll. The body now starts to come forwards as well as rotating up and boat also continues to rotate under the power of the hips.

This is the important bit!: The paddler rotates his paddle wrist (the one nearest the blade) forwards so that the back of the paddle blade is now flat on the water and starts sweeping the blade forwards, just like a low brace.

The paddlers weight is now over the center of the boat but they continue to keep moving it forwards while rotating the boat flat and putting a forward pressure on the paddle still, at this point the boat should be almost upright.

If all goes to plan the boat finishes upright with the paddler and paddle in a forward position!

Its a bit dodgy but here is a : video:

A reverse screw roll Just as it is done in a kayak!

A back deck (dry) roll

I pulled a lot of stomach muscles trying to learn this one but when playboating I use it a lot! It works the same way as a K1 backdeck roll except its a lot easier as the shorter paddle is a lot easier to move around!.
It is done by leaning right back on the back deck and sweeping the paddle around the back of the boat. I will try and put up a video asap!

Essentially you will find that nearly any kayak roll can be adapted and with brute force you will come up. The trick is learning a technique that works for you and brings you up every time and as strongly as possible!