C1 Articles
C1 - The basics!

The following is just advice from my experiences, interpret it as you will but remain open minded and remember that trial and error is often the best way!
Selecting a Boat
Generally any K1 boat can be converted to C1 depending on your preferences, I paddle a Liquid logic space cadet as a freestyle boat and I am looking to convert an innazone 240 as my river runner, so not much different to my K1 choices.
The one point to note is that for freestyle boats it is often wise to choose a size above the boat you would paddle K1, this is for the simple fact that a C1 boat is easier to chuck around so you may as well have the extra volume for pops and the extra length to help control ends; as you will find ends very fast if you are used to K1! For example, I would paddle an Air45 K1 but an Air55 C1
The key to a successful C1 conversion is the outfitting as without decent outfitting you wont have the control you need!
I advise asking around and seeing if you can try some different boats, you'll find a lot of paddlers willing to give up their boat for a short while!

Selecting a Paddle
To be honest the only real way to select a paddle is to try some! Different people like different lengths (I prefer short paddles!) and faces, by trying some out, even if it is just sat on the edge of a pool / river with the blade in the water, you can get a feel for how the blade reacts

I use two different paddles, one for freestyle and one for river running.

My freestyle blade is a full carbon Waterstick which has a large face, is short and very light. I use this blade as the size of the face helps me get the power for moves, and the length and weight mean it is easy to move around and i don't get tired from using it!

My river blade is a converted Werner and it has a glass shaft with a glass face thus it is heavier. The paddle is also slightly longer, this is because it has a smaller face than the waterstick so I need the extra length to help me gain more leverage! The main reason I like this blade is because it is tough and can take a beating on rocks!