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The following is just advice from my experiences, interpret it as you will but remain open minded and remember that trial and error is often the best way!

Getting the right gear

Choosing the right boat and paddle for C1 is a tricky thing to do....

C1 - Getting the gear! and Selecting a Boat

Generally any K1 boat can be converted to C1 depending on your preferences....

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  • Outfitting your boat- Styles and Guide!

    Outfitting Using Closed Cell Foam

    Ok, this is my step by step guide to creating a C1 conversion from a Kayak. I have used a Liquid Logic Space Cadet, foam which was bought from the Peak Shop.....

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  • Staying Upright!

    Obviously with only one paddle blade and less stability, staying upright is key! .....

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  • Rolling

    There is much debate about the sort of roll that you can and should do in a C1 boat.
    My roll is an adapted K1 roll.......

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  • Convertable K1 / C1 boat

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